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If you are looking for the best health care services in Qatar, Allevia is your best friend. We provide everything from advanced medical services to qualified doctors in Qatar.

Allevia was formed to provide healthcare facilities within everyone’s reach. Since our foundation, we have strived to be the best medical center in Qatar - the idea that makes us improve every day.

We go the extra mile to ensure that our patients are comfortable. Our doctors and nurses are determined to rescue the patients out of a state of panic. We believe promoting a positive mindset ensures a smooth transition toward recovery. Our hospital in Qatar is equipped with the latest machinery and advanced facilities. Our preventive, diagnostic and curative services ensure a minimal gap in the treatment.

At Allevia, we also account for health data across communities of patients. With this data, we are able to improve our services and treatment options. So, we are always attentive to our patient's feedback. In addition, we keep track of recovery to ensure betterment in future prospects. This contribution to population health helps us marginalize care gaps and enables better coordination.

So, you can say that for Allevia Medical Center, medical and technical excellence is not the only goal. For us, it's also about spreading positivity, awareness and finally, hope - to all who need it and to all who cherish it.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

At Allevia Medical Center, we are also on the lookout for improvement. We focus on rediscovering health and wellness systems, elevating the capabilities of existing norms of healthcare. World-class therapeutic modalities are also engaged to cultivate positive healthcare facilities and provide them within your reach.

Our Vision

To rediscover and propagate health and wellness, utilize world class therapeutic modalities to cultivate positive healthcare in reach.

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Our Core Values