Must have medicines while traveling

If you are planning a trip and are confused about the medicines to carry and precautions, this article will provide detailed insight. 

Essential Medicines to Carry During Travel – Travel Medical Kit

Travellers must carry general medicines for conditions like hypertension, diabetes, etc. Furthermore, visitors prescribed medications like antibiotics, painkillers and sedatives must provide a prescription from a general practitioner or medical professional.

Essential Medicines to Carry During Travel - Travel Medical Kit Infographics

Tablets for Cold and Flu

Catching a cold and flu are common during any trip. Individuals may experience symptoms such as nasal congestion, sore throat, headaches, or body aches. Visitors can carry tablets like pain relievers, decongestants, and cough suppressants.


Lozenges help enhance saliva production and reduce the dryness and redness in the throat. They also help in stopping coughs and giving relief from throat aches. Throat Lozenges contain ingredients like eucalyptus, menthol, pectin, etc., to relieve sore throat.


An antacid is a must in the medical kit during travel. Acidity is a common symptom faced by individuals, especially during travel. Antacids help neutralize acidity and indigestion symptoms and save you from an upset stomach.


Energy is much needed during travel. Travellers must take multivitamins to help maintain energy levels during the journey and must be taken after breakfast. It enables the body to maintain the nutritional gaps which one may not get during travel.


Prolonged hours of travel on planes and by road can cause back and body pain. Analgesics are painkillers that help to relieve body pain or headache during the journey. Besides, it will help relieve headaches due to stress or exertion.


Allergies tend to occur with a change of place or weather. For example, you may get stung by bugs or mosquitoes during travel. Antihistamines help in stopping allergies as well as provide relief from symptoms like watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose or itchy throat.

Antiseptic Lotions and Ointments

Carrying a first aid kit can help you in times of emergency. For example, suppose you get wounded during a trip, either from a fall or injury, an antiseptic solution will assist you in disinfecting the skin and preventing infections. In addition, it is advisable to carry first aid kits to effectively get treated for stings, cuts, abrasions, or any insect bite.

Mosquito Repellants

Are you allergic to insect bites or bugs? While immunizing yourself for Malaria and Dengue before travel is advisable, it is recommended to carry an insect repellent to keep bugs away from your reach.


Indigestion and constipation are common health issues during travel. Constipation can completely obstruct your travel plans and cause you discomfort. Laxatives are best for treating constipation to soften the stools, which makes them the best medicine to carry in your health kit.

Balms for Pain Relief

Travel can lead to headaches or sprains, pain in the ankle or back, and sitting for prolonged periods. However, a pain relief balm in your health care pouch will save you from discomfort during the journey.

Antifungal Creams

An antimicrobial or antifungal cream is best for treating fungal and bacterial skin infections when traveling to remote places during the game.

Other important items:

  • For painkillers, it is necessary to carry an attested prescription from a medical professional.
  • You can carry digital thermometers and sunscreen creams in your health kit
  • Wound dressing items like band-aids, gauze swabs, or foam dressing will help to heal the wound immediately
  • If you feel nauseatic or dizzy during travel, carrying motion sickness tablets will help you ease the condition

How to travel with medicines? Medicine Safety Tips While Traveling

Do’s and Don’ts for carrying medicines during travel


  • Carry your medication kit in your carry-along luggage
  • Safely store medicines that are temperature sensitive
  • Only carry prescribed medicines
  • You must have the prescriptions along


  • Do not pack the medications in checked luggage
  • Avoid leaving medicines in areas exposed to either hot or freezing temperatures
  • Do not mail or couriers medicines internationally
  • Do not carry medicines for someone else
  • Do not transfer the medicines into a pill organizer or unlabelled container 

What are the Restrictions on Carrying Medicines?

It is suggested to carry medicines when travelling to any new location. For example, if you are prescribed certain medications by a medical practitioner for specific allergies or illnesses, it is essential to take the medicines along.

In addition, following the rules and regulations as laid out by the government is imperative. However, here are the medications that can be carried along.

What is allowed?

  • The individuals can carry general medicines for diabetes and hypertension
  • Visitors can bring medications for the common cold, cough, headache or allergies
  • You can carry band-aids and lotions to heal wounds

What is not allowed?

  • Medications like Lyrica, Xanax, Morphine, Valium, Tramadol, Methadone, and Zolam are restricted
  • Do not carry medicines such as anti-drugs or psychotropic substances
  • Visitors cannot take medication like narcotics and psychotropic substances

Visit a nearby Medical Center if you are unwell

If you are discovering the places in Qatar to visit, they have a list of medical facilities to assist travelers. In addition, there are multiple public and private healthcare facilities to enable individuals to get timely medical assistance in case of sickness or injury.

Allevia Medical Center is one of the best medical center in Qatar and is known for its expert professionals and timely diagnosis followed by prompt treatment. Besides, patients can also avail of online consultations to find and connect with doctors in Qatar.

Individuals can chat with medical experts and share their symptoms to get responses for their treatment.

Allevia Medical Center has various departments, including pediatric, dental, ENT, psychiatry, orthopedics, and internal medicine. Its general practitioner department enables individuals to get general overall body checkups and timely treatment.

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Traveling exposes you to different types of bacteria, viruses, etc. Hence it is necessary to research well about the place of destination and take necessary precautions to ensure a healthy journey. Getting a health check-up a month before travel, getting immunization doses, and carrying the necessary medicines in your medical kit will ensure the best trip without any worry of health hazards.

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