Tips for the depressed people

Best 7 Tips For The People Living With Depression

Depression is a medical condition that affects your mental functioning. It changes the way you normally should feel or think or act. There is a sense of looming sadness, anxiety, and loss of interest in almost any activity. Over time if proper treatment is not received, can even affect physical health and functioning. If not more important, mental health is... Read More
how hormone affect mental health

Do Hormones Affect Women’s Mental Health?

Have you ever wondered what is the reason for PMS in women? Did you know female hormones have a major impact on women’s mental health? Do you know even a slight imbalance in the levels can cause major changes in the body? This article discusses the most essential hormones that impact women’s mental health. What are hormones? Hormones are essential... Read More
best tips to lower stress

7 Best Foods To Reduce Stress And Anxiety!

Have you lately felt overwhelming pangs of anxiety attacks? Do you feel drained and lack interest in what you usually do? The reason might be stress or else anxiety. As per researchers, stress levels have risen for a decade compared to the 1990s with the percentage increasing with the pandemic. It has also led to a rise in the cases... Read More

How I decide whether I should see a Psychologist or Psychiatrist first?

Psychiatrists Vs Psychologists: What’s the Difference? If you are looking for mental health services, you must also be wondering what type of mental health professional you may fix an appointment with. There are two major types of mental health professionals – psychiatrists and psychologists. Indeed, you must have heard about psychiatrists and psychologists. Sometimes these are used interchangeably. But there... Read More