myopia in young people

How Does Excess Screen Time Cause Myopia in Young People?

Our eyes are doing more work in terms of screen time than they ever have. The pandemic has closed us indoors to more hours of screen time for work and school. On average, normal screen time has increased by three folds to compensate for working from home and studying from home. Whether it is iPads, laptops, or smartphones, we’re looking... Read More
Cataracts in younger age

Major Reasons Why Young People Get Cataracts?

Cataracts are common eye conditions prevalent in the elderly population. As per research, cataract affects over 94.6% of people between 75 and above. Yet the condition is not uncommon among young adults. This article provides complete information about Cataracts in young age people, its symptoms, causes and treatment methods.  What are Cataracts? Cataract is the clouding of lens in the... Read More