Foods to include and exclude during pregnancy

Important Foods to be Included and Excluded During Pregnancy

  Pregnancy is an entirely different phase for women. Apart from the excitement of welcoming a new tiny human to the world, it also becomes vital for mothers to maintain their diet—a healthy diet comprising additional vitamins, extra calories, and nutrients. This article discusses the important foods to be included and excluded during pregnancy and how they benefit the mother... Read More

How to Get Rid of Cavities? Tips to Prevent Cavities!

  Our oral health signals the overall health of our body. Your mouth is a hub and entry point for bacteria into your digestive and respiratory systems. These bacteria may not only find their way into your system but also harm your gums and teeth. Hence, it is imperative to maintain good dental health to prevent cavities. This article discusses... Read More
Close the gaps in teeth using braces

Everything You Need to Know About Closing Gaps in Teeth with Braces!

Gaps between teeth can be a concerning issue. Apart from the obvious health concerns, it hinders their social confidence for many people. But, the good news is – there are multiple teeth straightening options available. Read along to know everything about orthodontic treatment for closing gaps in teeth with braces. What Are Gaps Between Teeth? The condition of space between... Read More
Tips for the depressed people

Best 7 Tips For The People Living With Depression

Depression is a medical condition that affects your mental functioning. It changes the way you normally should feel or think or act. There is a sense of looming sadness, anxiety, and loss of interest in almost any activity. Over time if proper treatment is not received, can even affect physical health and functioning. If not more important, mental health is... Read More